As part of its mission to educate the public and to preserve the Court’s heritage and contribution to the development of Pennsylvania Law, the Historical Society provides a scholarship to a Penn State Dickinson Law School student and to a Widener Law School student who has shown an interest in and excelled in state or federal administrative law. Selection of recipients is made after consultation with the professors and administrators at the law schools.

In light of the very generous contribution of Alexis and Christina Barbieri, daughters of former Judge Alexander F. Barbieri, the scholarships in 2010 were designated the Commonwealth Court Historical Society Judge Alexander F. Barbieri Excellence in Administrative Law Award.

2014 Recipients

Stephanie William - Penn State Dickinson Law School
Alexis Timari - Widener Law School

2013 Recipients

Mark A. McCormick-Goodhart - Penn State Dickinson Law School
Michelle Latta- Widener Law School

2012 Recipients

Kaitlin DeStigter - Penn State Dickinson Law School
Nicole Radziewicz - Widener Law School

2011 Recipients

Joseph Malizia - Penn State Dickinson Law School
Stefanie Pitcavage - Widener Law School

2010 Recipients

Alexis Snyder - Penn State Dickinson Law School
Kyle Applegate - Widener Law School

2009 Recipients

Tara M. Walsh - Penn State Dickinson Law School
Jason Gottesman - Widener Law School




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